CRM Unlocked

CRM Unlocked

CRM Unlocked is your guide to maximizing the potential of your CRM. Learn how to solve the most challenging aspects of technology-driven digital transformation and unlock the leading strategies of the world’s most successful financial firms. Brought to you by Skience.

Recent Episodes

Digital Trends in Wealth Management with April Rudin, Chip Kispert, and Nitin Seth

June 28, 2022

Digital transformation is not just a technology phenomenon. It is a business model and mindset shift that is revolutionizing industries and the way wealth managers operate. As digital disruption continues to sweep through th…

Digital Transformation Models with Jon Feinstein

June 14, 2022

The digital landscape is constantly transforming the way we do business. Proper implementation doesn’t lose sight of the human touch, whether that means giving clients a more personal experience or giving advisors a better w…

Finding Solutions Through Simplicity with Katie Anderson

May 31, 2022

As technology encroaches further and further into our everyday lives, it can become a crutch that we think can solve every problem. And that can sometimes be true. But making solutions too complex isn’t the way to solve a pr…

Humanizing Client Engagement with Adam Holt

May 17, 2022

Clients are at the heart of every successful business. Financial advisors know that establishing long-term relationships with clients requires providing the best possible customer experience. While technology provides many a…

Improving the Human Experience for Clients with Ilan Davidovici

May 3, 2022

FinTech has revolutionized the financial services industry, both for those of us who work in it and the clients we serve. And the changes come fast and often. In our haste to adapt these tools into our firms, we can lose sig…

Strengthening Client Relationships Through Risk Assessment with Chris Quandt

April 19, 2022

There is a lot of fear around investing, and this fear holds clients back from reaching their financial goals. If we can find ways to help them move beyond that fear, we can better help them to take control of their financia…

About the Hosts

Ali McCarthy, PhD Profile Photo

Ali McCarthy, PhD

Chief Marketing Officer

With over 20 years of experience, Ali leads the development of the strategic marketing and communication plan for Skience, who provides digital transformation solutions for the wealth management industry. She is responsible for the daily demands of driving brand reputation and business growth along with defining a long-term vision for modernizing marketing and communications. Ali has been recognized as having a unique vantage point of being able to blend an academic-evidence-based mindset to her management approach with a seamless integration of behavioral sciences into the client-advisor relationship.

Sanjeev Kumar Profile Photo

Sanjeev Kumar

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

A self-declared “enthusiast for all I do,” Sanjeev’s passion for leveraging technology to solve business problems inspired him to found The Athene Group in 2001. With an extensive career in the IT business, he witnessed the evolution from mainframe computers to client servers to the cloud-based Internet age and is excited that Skience can continue to evolve in step with the industry’s many ongoing advancements. Sanjeev has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Bangalore University, India, although he never saw himself working in that industry. He found the world of technology to be much more challenging and fun. He was a developer and programmer before turning his talents to starting and running a business that has enabled him to build extensive relationships with financial services firms of all sizes within the US and abroad.