May 16, 2023

Best Practices For Marketing And Client Communication with Johnny Sandquist

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As technology has drastically changed the marketing landscape, so have businesses' ways of targeting customers. Marketing strategies are no longer based on mass production and reach but on targeted, personalized messages that speak to the individual. With the advent of big data, businesses can target their marketing efforts to specific demographics. What are the best practices in marketing and communication that build meaningful client connections?

In this episode, Ali McCarthy talks with Johnny Sandquist, Founder of Three Crowns Copywriting and Marketing. Johnny has been working with RIA firms and advisor technology since 2009. With a degree in English Literature, he eventually found his way back into marketing as a writer and established his own company. Today, Johnny helps companies create a brand and message that gets to the heart of what their clients care about.

Johnny talks with Ali about the best practices in marketing and client communication, how to personalize marketing, and the importance of data for creating a personalized approach to client relationships.