Dec. 7, 2021

Enabling Digital Transformation Through CRM with Michelle Feinstein

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In this episode, hosts Paige Johnson and Sanjeev Kumar talk with Michelle Feinstein, GM/Vice President, Wealth & Asset Management Industry Solutions and Strategy at Salesforce.

Michelle is leading solutions and strategy for wealth and asset management at Salesforce. Her 25 years of experience in product strategy, client consulting, business development and wealth management helped position her as an influential and applauded leader not just in Salesforce, but the industry as a whole.

In 2019, she was recognized as one of 16 Top Women in WealthTech, and the Consultant of the Year by Think Advisor and Waters Magazine, respectively.

Michelle talks with Paige and Sanjeev about why CRM is considered a foundational technology for firms, the benefits of perfect CRM ecosystems, and how to achieve a healthy tech culture in your firm.

(07:05) “CRM represents the heartbeat of the technology stack. This is not just a tool where you're going to load your leads and contacts, and only use it to capture information in that way. So many firms are looking at it as a solution to enable their digital transformation efforts. So I look at it as a foundational technology that really helps speed the business process.” ~Michelle Feinstein

Key takeaways 

  • [10:30] - Three characteristics of a healthy tech firm: commitment to constant innovation, focus on employees’ wellbeing, and flexibility with leveraging expertise.
  • [17:37] - The benefits of a perfect CRM ecosystem are trustworthy reporting, dashboards that visually showcase data, improved messaging with automation, proactive service, efficiency enhanced by automation, and simplified collaboration.
  • [21:32] Financial services clouds are very useful for digital process automation and deepening integrations. It can also enable firms to create a better onboarding experience for clients.
  • [23:45] The pandemic accelerated how wealthtech firms are seeing the need for digital transformation. It's more than phone calls and emails—we need to look at the tech, the people, the process, and the cultures to bring value to every client engagement.


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