May 31, 2022

Finding Solutions Through Simplicity with Katie Anderson

As technology encroaches further and further into our everyday lives, it can become a crutch that we think can solve every problem. And that can sometimes be true. But making solutions too complex isn’t the way to solve a problem. 

Katie Anderson, Founder and CEO of Save Co Service, has been recognized by Forbes as one of their 30 Under 30 To Watch and is an expert in clean water, sanitation, sustainable communities, and climate action. 

In this episode, Ali and Sanjeev talk with Katie about how technology can bridge gaps so we can better communicate and solve problems with those in our professional lives.

Key Takeaways

  • [06:01] - How we can use CRM to increase efficiency and create ease of communication while enhancing sustainability.
  • [08:13] - How technology can help market to customers and help employees be more productive.
  • [12:48] - Creating revenue by solving a problem for both yourself and your competitors.
  • [15:33] - Finding opportunities to take your CRM beyond your industry.
  • [16:57] - Changing the model and the mindsets of you and your employees from resistance to openness.
  • [17:56] - Using CRM and simple solutions to avoid creating a new problem when you solve an old one.
  • [26:10] - Finding the correct balance between the technological and the human approach.


[12:50] - ”I replaced my problem with applications. And so for me, it was, ‘This is a great bell and whistle but does it ultimately support the efficiency and quality of what it is that I’m trying to achieve?’ And so for me, it was about bringing simplicity to a complex, fast-moving system.” ~  Katie Anderson

[16:50] - ”The most beautiful CRM is one that allows for humans to be humans, and ultimately becomes a really great assistant, and essentially stays in the basics and the simplicity.” ~  Katie Anderson


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