Nov. 30, 2021

Generating Sophisticated Insights and Insurance-Focused Solutions with Chin Ma

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In our inaugural episode, hosts Paige Johnson and Sanjeev Kumar talk with Chin Ma, President and Founder of CHRP, an AI-backed home and insurance solutions company.

Chin's financial career has centered on life insurance, commercial insurance, and sales transformation. This year, he began a new career journey to grow his newly-formed insurtech company. With the expertise on CRM and sales transformation he honed in his time with Deloitte, Chin wants to bring more value to home insurance companies with his new take on old tech.

Chin talks with Paige and Sanjeev about the adoption of CRM systems in the home insurance industry and why integrating information elevates customer experience.

(34:44) “The integration of information or insights into CRM is absolutely pivotal because if you are an insurance company, you want to deliver a revolutionary experience. You want to go to them and say, ‘Hey, we want to help you preserve the value of your home so that your life doesn't get disrupted.’” ~Chin Ma

Key takeaways 

  • [02:44] - Sales transformation is largely influenced by two things: the experience economy and the proliferation of channels, both human-enabled and technology-enabled. Remember, a top-notch product experience should be intuitive and a value-add.
  • [17:50] - Successful enterprise CRM platforms offer configurability, extensibility, and easy-to-use integrations. Companies that are constantly innovating to create a unified experience for the employees and customers continue to thrive.
  • [27:08] - The insurance industry has been slow in adopting CRM systems because of three pressing issues: insurance is sold and not bought, agents are relatively old in age, and sophistication in design can be daunting. 
  • [34:45] - Integration of information with a CRM system can help home insurance companies reduce losses, help homeowners better maintain the home and preserve value, and enable an ecosystem service for the homeowners.


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