Sept. 27, 2022

Helping Advisors Embrace Innovation and Digital Transformation with Valarie Vest

Innovation and digital transformation are inevitable in today's world. Technology is changing how financial advisors do business, creating new challenges and opportunities. While adopting new technologies can be challenging for financial advisors uncomfortable with change, how can they be best positioned to succeed in the new landscape?

In this episode, Ali talks with Valarie Vest, First Vice President of Strategic Planning & Innovation at Cambridge Investment Research. In her role, Valarie is leading innovation and digital transformation to advance the end-to-end experiences of financial advisors and associates. She believes that digital transformation involves technology PLUS. The plus is a change in how we organize around and think about new technologies to improve lives, ultimately changing our mindsets to one of growth, innovation, and the possible.

Valarie talks with Ali about how advisors are coping with digital transformation in the workplace, what it takes to help them embrace innovation and digitization, and why some financial advisors are afraid of change.

Key Takeaways

  • [00:56] - An overview of Valarie's professional career.
  • [04:53] - How advisors are coping with digital transformation in the workplace.
  • [07:13] - How Valarie creates a framework for digital transformation.
  • [13:33] - What it takes to help advisors embrace innovation and digitization.
  • [15:53] - Why some advisors are afraid of change.
  • [22:17] - Why regulations change along with technology.
  • [25:04] - What the future holds for Cambridge Investment Research.


[08:12] - "Our advisor's feedback helps us to prioritize what is it that is most burning or where those hotspots are so that we can prioritize the work. Digital transformation isn't just something you get done in a year. It's a multi-year journey." ~ Valarie Vest

[13:44] - "We often focus on employees resistant to change, which is important to be aware of and understand. But if you focus too much on those resistant, you lose those that are in the front and ready to move ahead." ~ Valarie Vest

[22:46] - "All this technology change enables us to meet those changing client expectations and the rapidly changing regulatory environment that our industry is in." ~ Valarie Vest


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