May 17, 2022

Humanizing Client Engagement with Adam Holt

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Clients are at the heart of every successful business. Financial advisors know that establishing long-term relationships with clients requires providing the best possible customer experience. While technology provides many advantages for customer service, it can never take the place of human interaction. 

In today’s episode, Marc talks with Adam Holt, CEO and Founder of Asset-Map Holdings and Financial Professional/Principal at RubinGoldman and Associates. In order to serve clients better, Adam realized that providing them with clarity and confidence would help in achieving their financial goals. 

Today, Asset-Map is used by thousands of financial advisors across multiple currencies and languages to help families focus on what matters, make more engaged and confident decisions, and reach their financial goals.

Adam talks with Marc about why client engagement is paramount in the financial advisory industry, how the right mix of technology and human touch enables advisors to deliver advice effectively, and how Asset-Map can better serve clients in the future.

Key Takeaways

  • [01:01] - What inspired Adam to create Asset-Map.
  • [03:12] - Adam's journey to building a wealth tech company.
  • [06:51] - The difference between client engagement and financial planning.
  • [10:59] - Why Asset-Map has grown exponentially over time.
  • [14:51] - Why human engagement is crucial to financial planning.
  • [19:04] - The right mix of technology and human touch for delivering advice.
  • [25:08] - How Asset-Map keeps the younger generation of investors in the family.
  • [27:43] - What's next for Asset-Map.
  • [32:36] - What advice Adam can give to financial advisors.


[1:46] - "Most of the time, we tend to deliver technical advice with a technical presentation, and consumers of financial advice are looking for clarity and confidence. When you're trying to get people to take action and serve their financial well-being, you gotta create clarity and simplicity." - Adam Holt 

[20:40] - "I tend to think that the customer experiences should be very consistent and should be very catered to them. We need all these tools to drive and run our practice. When it comes to customer experience, anything that touches the customer needs your direct attention because it reflects your preeminence or your negative side of preeminence." - Adam Holt

[33:10] - "If you're an advisor thinking about adding new tech and you actually want to get a return on your investment, you have to spend more money on training and a commitment of time." - Adam Holt


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