Dec. 14, 2021

Predictive Analytics in CRM with Leslie Page

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In this episode, Paige Johnson and Sanjeev Kumar talk with Leslie Page, a business analyst at Skience.

Leslie has been in the CRM world since 1998. She started her career as a subject expert for ACT Migration, worked for Siebel, and then did proposal writing for Oracle. Leslie has witnessed how CRM has evolved and how it has made a huge difference in organizations.

Leslie talks with Paige and Sanjeev about the No. 1 killer of tech adoption, the impact of CRM and other tools in firms, and the future of CRM and predictive analytics.

[27:20] - "CRM is not meant initially to be at least sexy. You start once you have the maturity andtheadoption of being able to use the predictive side so that you can guide your people. The organizations should be working on the most important things. It’s really exciting for our users—they see it as a game-changer.” ~Leslie Page

Main Takeaways 

  • [06:49] - A lot of firms are still stuck with manual processes. Deciding on the tech stack takes a lot more time than the implementation for some firms. They recognize the possibilities of automation, but they have a difficult time adopting it.
  • [10:24] - It's easy to find and introduce a solution when everything's aligned from top to bottom, and vice versa.
  • [15:53] - The top killers of adoption are inefficient data consolidation, disorganized organizational change management, and abrupt product implementation.
  • [25:07] - Effective data governance is vital. Without a single source for all systems, data inconsistencies are likely.
  • [26:35] - The future is bright for CRM. There will be a focus on predictive analytics, and being able to extend that valuable information to other systems.


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