Jan. 17, 2023

Providing PR Services to Financial Firms with Jason Lahita and Jimmy Moock

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Financial firms have to communicate with various audiences, from investors and analysts to the media, regulators, and the general public. Each of these groups has its own specific needs and concerns. With the right PR partner who understands the challenges and nuances of the industry, only then can they develop the right strategies and messages that will resonate with each audience.  

In this episode, Ali and Marc talk with StreetCred Communications' Founding Partner, Jason Lahita and Managing Partner, Jimmy Moock. Compelled to reignite his entrepreneurial flame, Jason launched StreetCred Communications. With a deep determination and Integrated Partners as his first client, he built the PR agency he had always envisioned. In March of 2021, Jason's good friend Jimmy joined him as an equity partner and PR Team Commanding Officer. This brought to fruition a dream the duo had often talked about at various industry events.

Providing public relations services to financial firms, Jason and Jimmy talk with Ali and Marc about what it takes to be the best public relations professional, what it means for firms to be authentic, and what the future trends in wealth management are from a communication perspective.

Key Takeaways

  • [00:48] - The role of Jason and Jimmy in the financial services industry.
  • [03:44] - How enterprise consolidation impacts brand marketing.
  • [08:26] - The backbone of the tech stack.
  • [09:50] - What it means for firms to be authentic.
  • [14:45] - The rules in public relations.
  • [21:00] - The parallels between fintech and public relations.
  • [21:58] - What advisors should consider when communicating with potential clients or the public.
  • [26:36] - The role of technology in enabling client communication.
  • [27:36] - The future trends in wealth management from a communication perspective.
  • [31:33] - How Jason and Jimmy measure their success in serving clients.


[08:35] - "CRM is the backbone of the tech stack. We look at it as the exoskeleton of a technology stack." ~ Jason Lahita

[10:37] - "It's important for firms to be their authentic selves, to lean in into the culture of who they are, to carve out a spot for themselves in terms of industry media and able to carve out attention for themselves in front of consumer-facing media." ~ Jimmy Moock

[16:43] - "We think of ourselves as the sword and shield for our clients. It's okay to take this personally, and you have to buy into your client's messaging and how they're positioning themselves to the press. Only if you can let yourself go and absorb those messages, emotion, intensity, and passion for what you do can you be the best PR practitioner." ~ Jason Lahita


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