Jan. 4, 2022

The Key to Successful CRM Implementation with Mark Nahlovsky

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CRM is a powerful tool for businesses to grow and thrive. However, if not done correctly, many of its benefits can be overlooked. How can CRM be implemented the right way in an organization?

In this episode, Paige and Sanjeev talk with Mark Nahlovsky, Vice President of Technology Solutions at ActiFi, about the importance of CRM, not only as a way of storing data, but as an operating platform for wealth management businesses.

Key Takeaways 

  • [05:09] - Why CRM is the operating platform for your wealth management business.
  • [09:33] - The evolution of ActiFi into a leading provider of advisor success solutions to the financial services industry. 
  • [13:38] - How CRM works as a pyramid process flow.
  • [17:27] - Why leaders are essential to the effective implementation of CRM.
  • [21:38] - How to implement CRM in your organization the right way.
  • [25:06] - What mindset makes a business successful at implementing CRM.
  • [31:19] - How CRM has transformed firms after a successful implementation.


[03:52] - "Once you start solving a few problems for a client, you're allowed to solve a lot more problems. The more holistic approach, the better partner you're going to be, the longer the relationships will be. And obviously, the more value they're gonna get." - Mark Nahlovsky

[10:27] -  “A lot of these vendors that made it, they succeeded because they started to build integrations with other leading FinTech solutions. They built the advisor workstation. They started to demystify the data conversion process, although it's still painful, they started to make that part of their offering."  - Mark Nahlovsky

[22:31] - "There are so many great CRM partners out there - both at the vendors, through your CRM overlay, app providers, and consulting firms. We can always find you the technology talent you need. What we can't find is somebody that's empowered to translate vision and business process in the CRM workflows." -Mark Nahlovsky


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