March 15, 2022

Using CRM to Centralize Business Operations with Ernie Lacroix

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CRMs are more than just customer databases. They're tools that help businesses manage everything from sales to marketing to customer service and support. The integration of CRM with other business systems can be a powerful tool for achieving business objectives.

In today’s episode, Paige talks with Ernest Lacroix, Senior Manager of F2 Strategy, a management consulting firm that provides boutique consulting services globally to support existing technology teams within the wealth management, family office, and RIA space.

In his role with F2 Strategy’s OCTO team, Ernest focuses on delivering outsourced CTO services to clients. As an RIA and fintech insider, he brings deep expertise in advisor-facing technologies. Whether it’s implementing new technologies, creating efficient and repeatable processes, or contemplating the digital experience for his personal clients, Ernest can easily align with the challenges facing today’s advisors.

Ernest talks with Paige about some of the most common issues companies encounter, the biggest mistakes firms make when implementing CRM, and how CRM fits into the overall roadmap of a company.


Key Takeaways

  • [01:33] - What F2 Strategy has to offer in the wealth technology market.
  • [04:15] - Some of the most common issues companies encounter.
  • [06:25] - How CRM fits into the overall roadmap of a company.
  • [08:24] - The biggest mistake firms make when implementing CRM.
  • [11:44] - What causes CRM to seem complex.
  • [15:17] - Ernest’s thought process for helping clients optimize their CRM.
  • [18:04] - An overview of F2 Strategy's independent research.
  • [23:01] - What Ernest has been doing differently during the past few months.



[04:39] - "A lot of firms are dealing with disparate data sources. They have lots of technology in some cases that just don't talk to each other." - Ernest Lacroix

[07:54] - "Historically, CRM has always been an area of focus in all of our roadmaps as it relates to things like helping advisors, helping the firm grow, and helping the back office create operational efficiency and scale." - Ernest Lacroix

[10:45] - "What I think folks make a big mistake on is, they'll select a tool, they'll implement a tool, but they won't have a really good defined strategy as to how that tool is going to help them solve the particular problem that they looked for the CRM to solve.” - Ernie Lacroix




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